Apple pushed down to 3rd in China smartphone market


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I really want to try this Xiaomi phone. I use Asus Zenfone5 and somebody who gave a Xiaomi phone a try in Hong Kong reported it's much better than Zonefone5 in performance and much cheaper. No wonder Xiaomi phones are taking the markets they enter by storm. When will they come to Japan?

Apple iPhones are grossly overpriced for users like me who don't need a high spec machine. Japanese ones are now mostly irrelevant with loads of pesky unnecessary features and apps. Plus reasonably priced Japanese ones usually perform poorly like my Sharp Aquos phone with outdated features. That leaves these Chinese and Taiwanese makers the only ones that hit the happy medium in terms of price and capacity.

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Maybe the beginning of the end for Apple? A company can't just rely on reiterations of the same product forever.

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points Nelsen laugh: HA HA!

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hardly surprising, very few in china can afford Apple's mark up.

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"hardly surprising, very few in china can afford Apple's mark up"

Yeah, you're right. However, that few are greater than the entire Japanese population.

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