Apple rolls out cheaper iPhone


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... nobody cares. besides for that amount of money you can get a vastly superior Android phone.

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Why can’t Apple understand that there is a demand for a small phone?

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I waited all this time for a new SE model, and they ruin it with this. 2020 is just the worst.

I am now more worried about replacing my beloved SE than about getting toilet paper.

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Agree with Ebisen, for the money my Galaxy S9+ provides a way better experience. I miss some things from the iPhone - Japanese language support is horrible compared to the iPhones..But the functionality of almost everything else is superior and at less than half the purchase price for a comparable iPhone model when it was new.

One thing Apple beats Samsung at is customer support - when something on an iPad or iPhone breaks due to manufacture defect or design flaw, Apple will usually own up to it with a bit of haggling. Samsung's customer support is beyond useless - to the point that I'll probably go back to iPhone for my next device.

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In my humble opinion, most already available $100-$150 android phones will be better than this.

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Made in China.

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Those are all refurbished.

Humans bite real apples but this apple bites the humans.

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Those are all refurbished.

Refurbished what? Original SEs? They are a completely different size and have completely different parts.

Doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack so I'm not getting one. Shame, the original SE was the best phone I've ever had.

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i love iphones. they really last long if you dont play games too much. mine always last about 6 years before it will show signs of upgrading. will stay on my iphone7.

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My first and only iPhone thus far 6S and will upgrade to a 11 when the new model comes out and the new old model gets reduced in price. I refuse to pay full price for an iPhone just crazy, and the reason I went for an apple for my phone was the support I can get as I am not great with technology and apple staff support is fantastic unlike Samsung which is a pity. If Samsung would ramp up their staff support I would consider their brand before Apple.

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I always wanted an Iphone but the price put me off.

My current Android phone cost me less than $300.

Maybe some day i will get one.

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It's not iPhone vs Samsung. iPhone syncs seamlessly with other Apple gear. iPad, iMac, Macbook. The software is way superior. There is nothing like it in the Android/Windows world.

(AGAIN! Invalid CSRF - when is this going to be fixed!)

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Look at the bezels on that thing. No thanks!

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Never missed it on my iPhone 10.

Agreed, but I still think Apple should have a 'retro' phone in its lineup that still has wired hedphone input. After all, the sound quality is better and it's one less thing to recharge.

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