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Apple says iPhone production hit by China COVID lockdown


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Looking at how Foxconn is treating their employees during this lockdown, no one should feel sorry for Apple.

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Ohhh noooo. Not the heckin iPhone. Not my beloved iPhone!!! drools

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Lucky I was able to pick it up first day it was released. No waiting.

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Apple says that COVID restrictions have "temporarily impacted" production at the world's largest iPhone factory in central China, warning that customers will now face longer wait times ahead of the holiday season.

Maybe this will let Apple learn that cheap labor from autocratic governments like the CCP is not free of risks, the timing will hurt the profits on this very important season, so maybe next time they will choose for production a place where unscientific measures transparently directed to control of the population will not have these undesirable surprises.

Or not, after all this is not the first (nor will be the last) companies will bow to China just to be able to access its market.

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Apple needs to divest from China, until the CCP is outlawed and gone. Vote with your wallets folks. Take the hit.

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That’s why you shouldn’t be making ANYTHING in china

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Vote for freedom. Buy an android. Like us cool kid s

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