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Apple seeking next big direction, says co-founder


Apple is in a waiting period with the U.S. gadget giant seeking the "next big direction" almost two years after the death of its ground-breaking boss Steve Jobs, the company's co-founder Steve Wozniak says.

Wozniak, speaking at a forum this week in Mexico City, insisted that Apple remains a "great company" with its "own culture" and a collection of trademarks despite its leader's death.

Wozniak, a childhood friend of Jobs who co-founded the company in the mid-1970s, countered critics who say Apple has failed to offer innovative products since the latter lost his battle with cancer in October 2011.

"I think Apple is in one of these waiting periods waiting for the next big direction," he said.

"You can't expect a whole new incredible revolution of a category of existing consumer electronics, you can't expect that every year," he added. "If you could have one every year it would be quite a surprise."

Jobs unveiled the second-generation iPad tablet in March 2011, his last presentation. Last year, the California company launched the iPad mini and the iPhone 5.

Apple has filed a trademark application in Japan for a product named "iWatch" and reports say similar paperwork was filed in other countries, including Mexico and Taiwan, fueling speculation that it is preparing to introduce a device that can be worn around the wrist.

Wozniak appeared to hint as much, telling the Mexico City audience that devices are getting smaller.

"I think, oh my gosh, I just wish I had the old iPhone right here on my wrist and I wish I could ask it questions like a new Siri (voice assistant technology) or tell it to play certain music," the 62-year-old said.

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The co-founder that left the company 20 years ago.

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Apple has already found a new direction with iOS7 (the most downloaded beta soft in tech history), people are angry, they can't wait till September to have it. Mavericks too, another step into the future.

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LostinNagoya: The next big direction is not a software update it will be hardware.

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Waiting for the next big direction sounds so passive.

The only way to predict the future is to create it.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Sounds like someone trying to put bandages over holes in a sinking ship. A little drastic since Apple is so financially stable still, but relatively, they ARE sinking.

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How about iGlasses? Wait...

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They need more R&D. Every last dollar needs to go into more research to support future technology. The invention of touch screens that were accurate drove the iphone to its peak.

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I'll agree with Wozniak... Apple is in a waiting period now. Taking notes on what to copy next from it's competitors, and how to drag them into more lawsuits. This is what they call 'innovation'. Revolutionary, isn't it?

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