Apple seeks damages from 'Fortnite' creator in App Store dispute

By Stephen Nellis

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Apple has been a bully for years.

Anyone using Apple will one day realise they are trapped or will need to jump through hoops to extract themselves and their data from the Apple controlled environment they got themselves in.

The iPhone, iPad, etc even Android phones are nothing without Apps.

So the whole App companies should pay them to use their platform is backwards.

Both Apple and Android should be paying the developers to create the Apps that make the devices using their OS more that just phones.

At least with Android users and developers can install easily Apps not from the official store.

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I just side-loaded a free game on my Android, now my credit card statement has got some weird numbers. Not sure what's going on there. But I agree with Antique, Apple is evil.

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Don't register you Credit Card with your mobile phone operator.

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The US Senate should conduct an more thorough appraisal of these recent events in light of the testimony given by Cook recently under oath....

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