Apple sells record 13 mil new iPhones in weekend launch


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Time for angry Android users to deny the facts.

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Right Smithy, we Apple fans really help making Apple the richest company in US history, and we will reap the fruits of this by getting increased icloud space and even better service!

Apple’s new phone also features upgraded operating system iOS 9, which the company says offers “more intelligence” while taking up less space.

Wow how intelligent can they get, soon we can get rid of all other forms of intelligence, creating even more space in this world.. I visualize a world where Siri does all the thinking and decision probably won't happen until IOS 11, but against that time most droid users will also have abandoned their devices and reserve a place on the Apple arc.

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I wonder what percentage were current apple fanbots and from which previous model they were upgrading. We're these sales/orders from actual people?

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I don't see the point buy or upgrade, I just want to see the next gen of telecommunications. I will just keep my cheap Nokia.

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we will reap the fruits of this by getting increased icloud space

When? We've been saying this for the last decade

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When? We've been saying this for the last decade

Patience patience, when our beloved company thinks we're ready for increased space they'll announce it! Apple has taught me that they know what's best for us, I always looked down on those folks holding a huge slab of metal against their faces, but when Apple announced the 6 plus, it didn't look quiet so ridiculous anymore. When android unveiled their smart watches, I thought most folks just looked dumb, who needs a watch when you have your phone in your pocket...but Apple taught me the importance of a smart watch and now I can't imagine living without it. Stop thinking, just leave that up Apple, they know what's best for you, in the mean time you can concentrate on more important things in life. That's Apple, they take the whole useless thinking out of the equation.

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@lostrune>"When? We've been saying this for the last decade" Now. Check the news.

@dollyparron> Your faux Apple fanboy posts are getting rather tedious.

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"For its next model, he said, “Apple is going to have to find a way to reinvent the iPhone, and it is hard to find something that is radically new.”

Leave it to Apple to do it.

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Considering every release of the iphone so far has sold more than the previous release, I'm not so sure they need to reinvent it. Don't fix what ain't broke.

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