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Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch


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Apple for the win again. What an amazing company!

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Not only did the sales of new iPhones break records, but so did installations of iOS7, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads.

By 8 PM on Friday, September 20, more than 200 million people had downloaded and installed the completely redesigned iOS 7. This represented 48.21 percent of iOS devices. By 4 AM Saturday, that percentage had grown to 56.21 percent.

Another record!

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Nothing like a new shining (literally) gold Iphone! Great now let's see what android will bring to the ring!

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And this in only 10 countries. Imagine when it hits the other 100 countries by December. My family and friends are a market of their own: everybody (including me) is selling 4, 4S and 5 models to get 5S when it is released in Latin America. My hope is to get the gold color model.

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And considering that some people here in Japan are also awaiting the gold and silver colors ... only space gray has been made available

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pretty amazing on its own. But even more amazing to think that apple hardly sold a single phone before the 3 or even the 3gs. Smart phones were almost non-existent 4 or 5 years ago in Japan. iOS7. Pretty cool too, but the music app is horrible! Its like the apple maps screw up of iOS6.

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@inakaRob: I use both apps and they work perfectly. As for iPhone, there's this great interview of Veja magazine with the kaiser Karl Lagerfelf, of Maison Chanel. He said he doesn't like to get stuck in the past. He then asked the reporter: "Do you remember how was the world before the first iPhone?". The reporter: "Yes, I do". The kaiser: "I don't".

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Yep! Got my 5S and it's awesome! What is an Android?

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@disillusioned: no need to provoke the robots, leave them alone. On related news, I read something quite interesting: the 64-bits A7 chip that is being introduced in iPhone 5S has a purpose that we don't see right now, but will come to light in 2014 or 2015: the integration of iOS8 or 9 and OSX post-Maverick. It will be an interesting world then, for millions of business like mine: IOS+OSX+iBeacon. Can't wait for that.

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Great for Apple, shareholders and fans I guess.

Only thing that bothers me is this words:

"Walter Piecyk at BTIG Research praised Apple for “an incredible manufacturing feat” in getting so many devices to market"

He should have praised the slaves in China for their great manufacturing feat...

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“This is our best iPhone launch yet—more than nine million new iPhones sold—new record for first weekend sales,”

Apple release this every time they release a phone, the measurement is different everytime. This time it's "first weekend sales", last time it was first week, before that first 24 hours.

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After every launch the same blah,blah,blah.

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@gogogo: at least Apple is HONEST enough to release the numbers of SOLD devices. Unlike that other rip-off company that releases SHIPMENTS (and not sold devices) to stores - stores that may have the devices in stock for months running.

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Yup, Samsung are guilty as charged of this! I imagine most of their crappy Galaxy Tabs just sat on warehouse shelves...

On another note - the iTunes Radio function is only available to those with US iTunes accounts - typical...

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@LostinNagoya no. I 100% disagree. The whole point of apple has been to make everything easier and simpler. The music app is much worse in that regruad. on both the ipad and the iphone. On the ipad you could see 30 album covers at once,now only 8. On the iphone you could see 8 alubms at once. Now only 3. So if you actually have your 64 gb filled with music like me and many other, its takes 6 times longer to scroll through your music.

Worse yet is when you click on an artist, instead of listing all their albums it lists on their songs. I have one artist for example, that has 18 albums. I used to be able to get to ANY album in 3 simple clicks, now it takes 2 clicks and 13 swipes. That is way worse. Plenty of people think the music app is a step backwards.

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LOL people actually bought the 5C. And even 5 to 1 in Japan is ridiculous considering both phones end up free after the 24 month contract. Want a colorful phone? Get a case, which is what 90% of people will end up doing anyway..

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Been shorting Apple since 700 a share. Maybe time to cover.

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One HUMONGOUS yawn from one quite content Luddite.

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@InakaRob: point taken. As I don't have that much music stored on my iPhone - for I take my simpler iPod to the gym to work out with it instead of my iPhone. My local gym had 3 iPhones stolen last year - I never used the Music App that much. So it's work fine for me. But I have read reviews backing your opinion. Hope Apple fixes it with next upgrades. 7.0.1 is on the horizon, BTW.

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LostinNagoya - 7.0.1 has already been released. It included fixes for Find my Phone and Fingerprint scanner hacking. I also read about the joining of OSX and iOS in the near future. Will be very interesting indeed.

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This just proves that the walking dead do exist...nine million and counting.

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I was talking to a girl friend of mine: she thinks that the gold color suits her best, while I should get the light grey one. Thinking of it, she is right. Despite the gold being classy, I really liked the dark color. In another news I read that when people have all three colors in front of them, it's really hard to decide which color to pick.

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I don't have much music on my iPhone either. What I use more than anything is the Remote.app. It's easy to select and change tracks playing from iTunes on my iMac. It's also very convenient to be able to control the volume and which speakers the music plays from on the iPhone too.


iOS6 screw up of Maps? As far as I am concerned there was no screw up. I never use the street view, so I didn't see any Dali-esque bridges. And the Map function - especially with Siri never was bad. I live in Okinawa where the streets are narrow and complicated. Maps has never let me down yet.

I think most of the fuss was Google throwing a hissy fit because Apple dumped them by creating its own Map app.

And, looking to the future, it's going to get even more useful as Mavericks (MacOS 10.9) will have Maps.

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As Charlie Brown said, "I just can't stand it!" I've used a plethora of Apple products and I just can't see what all the hype is about. Shoot, I'm typing this comment on a MacBook Air, my loathed work computer, along with iMacs! I'm happy for everyone who is happy, I guess, but I just can't get into the hype. Should have bought stock in Apple, I guess.

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Cannot wait for Maverick. Should be even faster than Mountain Lion. On some of my older Mac-Minis which I use for business, the latest jave update won't install as the stop support before Mountain Lion now. I do not like that.

I want a WHite iPhone and will do my own painting design on it with acrylic.

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new IOS7 definitely is the best mobile OS out now. Will see if android will step it up...

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I wen to Akihabara yesterday. There is no more the long lines for iPhones. The charts of the 3 cellular phone companies all show, AVAILABLE for 16GB, 32GB etc and for all colors. It even said, all models and colors will be yours in 15minutes. MOCHIKAERI DEKIMASU. And a lot of them were also buying an additional 9,800Yen for APPLECARE, accordingly because without APPLECARE, virtually, Apple Customer Care is frustrating.

But still I congratulate Apple for such a huge die hard fans for every small and incremental features it added for every new model release. Most of the early buyers of iPhone 5S/5C are owners of the previous models.

But for me, I am happy with my Android Phone and Android Tablet with external SD card slot which can I can be able to read all the manuals and documents related to my work. I am just paying 1000 yen for voice plan and not paying for any data plan at all for I have a company-given WiMax portable router.

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ben4short: "One HUMONGOUS yawn from one quite content Luddite."

Hate to break it to you, but a Luddite wouldn't be posting s/he's a Luddite via any tech besides ink and quill.

I always get a kick out of the people who come on to any Apple related articles (and I'm not talking about you, Ben) to call people who are interested 'fanboys' and spend so much attention and focus all their anger on the success of Apple products, then decide to thumb all yours posts on JT down.

gogogo: "Apple release this every time they release a phone, the measurement is different everytime. This time it's "first weekend sales", last time it was first week, before that first 24 hours."

Geez, complaints about constant success!

Disillusioned: "What is an Android?"

A mechanical copy of what comes out before it.

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And Smitty I hate to break it to YOU, but language can be used both literally and metaphorically. Too bad you're hung up on the former.

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APPLECARE is for morons that want their hands held, my old iphone broke years ago, I went to the apple store, didn't have a reservation (how stupid is that system!?) and refused to leave and said I would wait, I waited 20 mins and they gave me a new phone.

I got sick of the upgrades and the way apple adds one feature at a time so you are always wanted to buy the next model with that one extra feature that all the other phones have been doing for 1-2 years.... or because every other phone is doing it apple wont do it just out of spite. Wake up people apple is just taking your money. I'm very happy with my 2 year old 4.3 Android phone that still runs at 60FPS.

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The 5s is getting rave reviews for its hardware. Great camera - indeed it is. Incredibly fast chip- indeed the fastest benchmarks of any mobile device. it is a seriously nice piece of hardware. right now the 5s is the best piece of mobile hardware

That said, the software is not up to the hardware. http://sloppyui.tumblr.com/

an example of a tumblr blog highlighting sloppiness. My facebook feed is filled with people venting about how they hate ios 7. I read one that said ios7 = windows98. It seems that ios7 works well on the 5s, older devices are the ones that are not cooperating with it. very unapple.

new IOS7 definitely is the best mobile OS out now. Will see if android will step it up...

Um, what planet are you on? android has already stepped up. Jellybean is a functional, powerful and slick. Jellybean (not the old versions of android) is the best "software" experience. Android handset makers need to step up and create a piece of hardware to match the 5s.

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iOS 7 is just bad, I don't know what they were thinking. It's the Windows Vista of iOS.

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here goes the Apple PR juggernaut again, record this record that, but the fact still remains Iphone fanboys are only a pultry 14% of the world market in smartphones, youd think it was 84% with all the hoopla, oh and Android run 79% of all the worlds smartphones as of 2013.

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wtfjapan: "youd think it was 84% with all the hoopla, oh and Android run 79% of all the worlds smartphones as of 2013."

And Android still sucks every time it tries to copy its predecessor.

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wtfjapan: "youd think it was 84% with all the hoopla, oh and Android run 79% of all the worlds smartphones as of 2013."

As the owner of a bar, I see everyday that Android users are the ones that spend less. I see a zillion Android models over the counter by their owners. They're the one that come only for happy hour and campaigns. Apple users are the ones that give tips to waiters, spend more and come not only for the happy hour. This is why we are developing an app for iOS only. The Android/Windows crowd are not interesting for us, from a business point of view. We are going to use it with iBeacons, so we don't want the Android crowd that does not have money and can afford to eat only during the happy hour. So Apple has 14% of the market, but it's the top of the pyramid. The 86%...they're irrelevant.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )


Doesn't it occur to you that the android customers come at happy hour because the beer's cheaper? In other words, they're pretty intelligent. That's what I'd do. And I'm super-intelligent! ; )

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Apple has 14% of the market, but it's the top of the pyramid. The 86%...they're irrelevant.* LOL that has to be a contender for the "BS'ter of the year award" so android owners can buy a Iphone and there suddenly richer and more intelligent. if I could hand you a tissue id tell you to wipe your chin theres to much dribble coming out. LOL

0 ( +3 / -3 )

@Lost: what occurs to us is that from a business point of view, we love the customers that come to our lounge bar and spend without keeping an eye on their watches. The customers that have money. The customers that help us pay our employees and bills. Everybody comes during the happy hour, but the vast majority of Android phones are the ones that go away when the HH finishes, so it's when we see the sea of iPhones that remains over the counter and tables. In short: both users are intelligent, but Android users are in the lower end, the ones that can't afford spending more. Our app developer told us that most companies he is working for are building apps only for iOS - just like us they realized Android users are not the best target.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )


Well, if you're openly going to describe your customers as a "target" then you've already lost me, I'm afraid. I'll stick with my android-friendly, app-free dive-bar. I feel safe there.

2 ( +4 / -2 )


Interesting observation.

It backs up the point of view of developers.

Apps on iOS make more money than apps on Android.


0 ( +1 / -1 )

So many people so eager to throw their money away. Hilarious.

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@chronic; Apples tends to go down before a new product launch and usually is up a couple of months after.

From the reviews I've seen, I don't see any reason to buy the 5C, it's probably better to get the 5; same A6. As for the 5S, apps needs to catch up with to take advantage of the A7. Since the phone is a 64 bit with a new imaging processor, we'll have to wait to see what will use it. BTW, the finger print sensor has already been hacked.

As for the iOS vs Android, generally android is more easily hacked and their apps can be questionable. Apple likes to control the apps so you get don't get the buyer beware stuff. Apple's iOS7 is out but Google's KitKat is not. Other than the iPhone 5s, I would wait for the fixed version of iOS7. With a 32bit processor, there is no hurry to upgrade especially since you can't go back.

Whether you support Apple or Google, or maybe Microsoft if they get their act together, you are supporting US innovation in Silicon Valley. Microsoft is Redmond but they are late getting to the party.

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At least with this iPhone rollout there are two choices. That is a big step for Apple, - yet stupid for any other cell phone maker. Realistically they could have 5 choices and sell just as many if not more iPhones. People want that larger iPhone and are forced to go Android (still).

Make sure your warranty (+extended) at least covers the contract (2yrs).

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Lost: You're not seeing the picture, iphone users think they are better than everyone else. Without the android people they would have not one to look down upon and you would have no customers.

Meanwhile the android customers don't give a hoot about the iphone people :)

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Good thing Samsung was around to build the A7 chip in the new Iphones

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Meanwhile the android customers don't give a hoot about the iphone people :)

Says the Android guy who is obsessed with an Apple thread on JT!

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

gogogo: "Lost: You're not seeing the picture, iphone users think they are better than everyone else."

Not at all. In fact, I'd say it's more apt to point out that many non-Apple users suffer some bizarre inferiority complex. Just look at any thread involving an Apple product and you get foaming at the mouth, angry posters calling everyone 'fanboys' and 'losers', etc.

I happen to think Apple products are superior, better looking, safer, and run better as a whole. In no way do I think that makes me better as a person than someone who does NOT use Apple products. To each their own.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I love how all the Apple fanboys keep trashing the Samsung products, when the fact remains the new A7 chip in the iPhone 5s is made by Samsung. Iphone cover with a Samsung brain. LOL thats innovation for you!

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Wtfjapan> the A7 is manufactured by Samsung and could as easily be manufactured by any other offshore fab. The design is all Apple. Did uou know the iPhone is manufactured by FoxConn? In China?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Yes, 2020hindsights. It is one of their most flawed arguments. Mitsubishi manufactures parts of the wings for Boeing, and you don't read anywhere that Boeing planes only flies because of that fact. Strangely, their arguments just proves how Samsung is a so-so company: if the A7 was the only element of iPhones that makes the best smartphone in the market, then Samsung would be Apple right now: innovative, classy. What we see is quite the contrary: Samsung smartphones are tacky, ugly. Apple may use A7 made by Samsung, but it's only a small part of the whole that makes iPhones so unique. BTW, in related news, Samsung has just announced it's going to release their ugly S4 in - guess what? - gold color. Call it a rip off!! But when you see their imaging of S4 in gold, it looks terribly tacky. Instead of beautiful, like the iPhones.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )


A: Dude, i got the new gold iphone! B: O M to the GGG, let me see it. A: Holon let me take the bomb proof case off. (And repeat daily)

Im an android owner, but even i was expecting more from apple.

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Samsung smartphones are tacky, ugly. LOL and thats why twice as many people buy Samsung smartphones over Iphones, 14% world market share just proves that outside the US Iphones arnt the bees knees that Apple fanboys make them out to be.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I heard that they already setting up the launch of the Iphone 6!!

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