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Apple slumps below $400 after analyst's comments


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Share prices are not what Apple is about.

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Apple shares were inflated, a fictional work done by Wall Street. And undone, now. How can a company that sells non-essential things, like phones and tablets reach such heights? Be valued more than food, oil and water companies? It is a statement to Apple's excellence in technology and design. But it's also a WS fantasy that Apple shares would rise above 700 points. In short, Apple still is Apple, the company that delivers the best smartphone, tablet and computers available, and will continue doing so for years. Keep doing your job Apple. Shares adjustment are a WS problem.

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Jobs didn't invent anything? What a foolish remark. He had the vision and insight to bet on products that would change the world. People that talk out of their ass makes this world a worse place.

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Yes ok Jobs is no longer here but in the end what did he invented?

To be fair, regardless of whether he actually "invented" anything, he turned around a struggling company to introduce interesting, colorful iMacs which were exactly what was popular at that time (late 90's when life was all colorful and bright....) , his company was credited (accurately or not) with releasing the first smartphone. (Even if it wasn't technically the first, it was done right and at that time everyone wanted one), along with (to date) the most successful tablet computer ever made, the most successful digital music player ever made, probably the most successful online music/media store ever made, etc. etc. The company and Jobs himself certainly deserve a fair amount of criticism but let's face it, Jobs did pretty much everything right and was better than most CEOs at his job.

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Yes ok Jobs is no longer here but in the end what did he invented???? He was good at talking of Apple`s products enthusiastically enough to convey a magic message to consumers and costumers. Now that there is no magic communicator for apple to convey that "unrealistic" message opposite to a modest product things are going in a more realistic way..!?

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Said it before, say it again, Apple died with Steve.

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