Apple testing smart watch


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This article lacks the information that this is just a rumour, created by a single person, a former Apple engineer, who said that Apple could create an ultra modern watch, given that Apple has the resources to do so. And he emphasized that this was his only being imaginative. It also misses the other part of the rumour, the one saying that it could unlock other iDevices nearby and activate Siri and other iPhone functions without the need of taking it out of the bag or pockets. If Apple takes the idea and manufactures this, it certainly would be a good idea and I would buy one.

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I'm watching you....

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Can't wait until they come out with iShoes.

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Rumors reported as fact.

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a watch? that seems so boring.

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warallthetimeFeb. 13, 2013 - 08:27AM JST

Rumors reported as fact.

Yup, shoddy journalism at it's worst. They don't even have original investigation anymore, just "U.S. media reports say" and a list of who said what (even though all of them quote each other in a ridiculous cycle). I think they should hold off articles until the first leaked photos come out at least.

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With an accessory, the Shuffle can already be used like a watch.

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What? apple is copying what a successful kickstarter project called pebble has released?

The iWatch will come out and apple will have "innovated" again- yay

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Whoever makes a phone you can wear or a way to "Wear your phone" as a fashion accessory will big a big winner.. women are tired of looking for their phone in their bag.. Whoever makes a case for Iphone that is a solar panel... will make millions.. and Samsung must make the Galaxy case flap...a solar panel for emergency recharge. Dick Tracy gave these ideas in the 1950's.. and Star Trek in the 60's... Japan smart techies.. get on it.. Japan is always 2 years ahead of America with communications devices and social media.

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