Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on Oct 4: report


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I saw a couple of design pitches for the iPhone 5 a little while ago and they didn't look that attractive in terms of the actual body. I hope they didn't go with the designs I saw. Either way, I'll be getting one.

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Yep, time to deal with Softbank again. That's the worst part. They want you to use a Credit Card. They insist on it, but actually, it's not true.

OMG!!!! IT's not true???? I've never paid with my credit card. They give you the worst time about it too. They make every effort to turn you away.

They still send out bills or you can pay at the Softbank shop anytime. You'd have to be a bit upset. Softbank trying to sell you stuff that they didn't make, from your country, they got a job cause of it, and yet they try to turn you away.

Hope we can jailbreak iPhone 5. That's the way to go.

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Hope we can jailbreak iPhone 5.

No doubt some clever Richard will come up with a new version of Cydia to keep apps free from the iTunes store. And, you only need a credit card if you use your alien registration card for ID. If you have a Japanese driver's licence a credit card is unnecessary. If you don't have either, a licence is easier to get than a credit card.

I will have had my iPhone4 for a year by the time iPhone5 hits Japanese shores, so I will be a sure starter to upgrade. The new version of Cydia should be out by then too. Nice!

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a report on another news service has the iphone5 also appearing on KDDI!! time to dump softbank and its sh#$#y service.

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Apple has agreed to terms with AU to sell the new Iphone 5. Great news. Now if only the rest of us Iphone 4 suckers can switch to AU life would be much better.

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Another locked phone. why bother, go get samsung galaxy S2 from docomo and never ever look back. Its already ahead of the eyephone

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I am on Softbank right now, but I do hope that enough folk scare them saying that they may switch over to AU we can get better service from Softbank, because I want to get my I Pad real soon!

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Great, probably includes 5 more worthless items people dont need but will spend hours/days in line to get.

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The I-Phone 4 has a very good 5 megapixal camera on both side, the new I-Phone 5 has even better clear 8 megapixal. Maybe when you travel or go anywhere, you don't have to carry a seperate camera anymore.

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this will be devastating for Softbank..not that I care much.It remains to be seen whether AU can offer a competitive data package.The lack of tethering support in Japan sucks in a country that has such a good 3G network.It is a matter of fact that Softbank throttles your bandwidth if you use too much data (and use pdanet or the like to connect to net over iphone)

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Why can't Docomo get the iPhone 5? Probably the same reason they still advertise an old Blackberry as "new". Docomo is indeed superior but they are slow in getting the latest smartphones.

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