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Apple unveils thinner iPads, sharper iMacs


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boring... same old from apple

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Are they more flexible?

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Apple is trying to be cool rather than telling people what cool is.

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Yosemite is awesome! Makes Windows look prehistoric (this is coming from an ex-diehard Windows guy)! The article didn't mention Hand Off / Continuity, which enables you to 'continue' documents and emails when switching devices...

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Looking forward.

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27-inch (diagonal) Retina display with IPS technology; 5120‑by‑2880

2560-by-1440 = Old 27" resolution

=> they doubled it x and y.

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I don't understand Apple's obsession with making thin things thinner. It means a smaller battery and shorter usage time. For the sake of an extra 1 mm I would prefer the thing to work for longer between charges.

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Just got the iPhone 6 4.7, it's awesome!! That said, I don't see the need of having an iPad if you have the iPhone 6 Plus, or even the 6. What works great for me is the iPhone 6 plus the MacBook Air. IMO, Apple killed the iPad when it released the two 6s.

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Apple killed the iPad when it released the two 6s.

I think they killed the ipad mini.... the upgrades to the ipad mini 3 are minimal at least. Google is doing the same with the nexus series.....too bad because the difference between 8 inch or 5.5/6 inch is huge. In my opinion, a phablet is no substitute for a tablet...it's just a huge phone with more working space.

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OS 8 destroyed my iPad 2.

So, I Put Yosemete in to my 5 year old MacBook. Guess what? Fantastic. Have a day to download, but worth it. Much faster than Maveriks which really slowed me down.

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