Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs


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Since 2021, Apple has seen numerous Security Flaws exposed.

iOS Patch 15.6.1 "details" :

Probably a good idea to update sooner than later.

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I got a cheap android phones,if something happens,buy a new phone and service,can be activated in minutes

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It only takes minutes to update. I'm already done. Two phones and an iPad.

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The least secure devices that humans use are their phones. It has been this way since the beginning. Voice, data, doesn't matter.

There are always unknown security issues. Those aren't shared with the world and when discovered, they are first used on specific targets, in an effort to keep them undiscovered for as long as possible. Only after discovered, are they used in larger and larger areas.

There's a reason security people call cell phones "personal tracking devices."

For 10,000 yrs, humans were fine without cell phones. They are not a necessity, but a choice.

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Redstorm,apple say phone may already be affected

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It only takes minutes to update. I'm already done. Two phones and an iPad.

Me too. Very easy with Apple products.

Redstorm,apple say phone may already be affected

Sure, that's the case for updated phones as well. That's how security works, you can never guarantee that a device hasn't been exploited, you can only keep updating it as new exploits are discovered. That's not an Android vs Apple vs Windows thing, and seeing as Apple devices are kept up to date more than other devices (due to the simplistic upgrade method), and more secure, I'll stick with Apple products until something better shows up.

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