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Apple will use 100% recycled cobalt in batteries by 2025


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The amount of energy required to recycle many products is greater than that needed to produce them in the first place. A large part of trash put into recycling bins in western countries is not recycled, it is shipped to developing countries and put in landfills. These policies which companies use to promote “sustainability” are often less “sustaInable” than their previous policies, or no policies at all.

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I think it’s sufficient to just only let them hold their noses for 30 seconds over only one of such a circuit board when doing the recycling attempt to regain the tin and gold. They will quickly learn and rethink, if they still can, that’s for sure.

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Ah yes, Cobalt.... Joe Rogan #1914.

Truly disturbing and heartbreaking. Glad to see Cook moving on this. Hopefully not just more public posturing.

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