Apple wins court battle against Samsung in S Korea


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Good on the Seoul court. Galaxy itself is more or less ENTIRELY a copy of the iPhone, and not a very good one at that. As is Android.

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If Samsung calculated on winning in a court at home, they miscalculated. The compensation Samsung sought was comparatively small, but the significant justice the South Korean court dealt them was not.

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Samsung is spuriously using the courts as a PR vehicle.

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Though they lost, this ruling would have been "symbolic." Just look at the damages Samsung was's peanuts compared to the damages they are required to pay in US court. Besides, it's not like they need the money.

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iPhone sucks in many ways, especially how you have to use iTunes everytime you want to add music (syncing crap sucks, always having to delete the songs you have now for new ones)

Whereas the Samsung an android you don't have to have a special program to add music, videos, etc. Android is so much more open source then Apple restricted bullcrap.

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Somehow I cannot get used to android, thus Samsung was not able to tempt me into change from my iPhone. What I did notice that when I had my motorola with android was the closest to iOS but then when I lost it and replaced it with an LG i noticed that some applications were exclusive to motorola, so maybe Samsung has some similar traits. I do love Apple products, especially because they make you think different, very rarely you found a bug in the macbook, iPad or Iphone, granted their architecture is closed, but for an user like me who doesn't bother with programming and developing things is the perfect smartphone...}

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The only place Apple has won big is in their own home court, backed by the US president himself. All the rest of the world have basically told the two companies to battle it out in the market, not in the court rooms.

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Samsung is just cheap crap from Korea. Just like everything else from Korea.

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Gotta say, I respect South Korea for ruling against "its own." A similar thing happened when a SK company ripped off Lionel model train designs, and the Korean version of the FTC took them down. Not every country would do that.

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