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Apple's grip on China tablet market loosens


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The only thing the iPad and iPad Mini have going for them is their form-factor. They are pretty. Otherwise, many other tablets out there that are so much more useful at half the cost or less.

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Service and reliability have a lot to do with it. Get what you pay for.

As for the decrease in sales....China's penchant for pirating technology then selling it at a fraction of the cost isn't a factor? Really?

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I've always laughed at the corporations getting their due. They send the technology to China to have it produced cheaply, and the Chinese just copy the blueprints and start making their own. In order to save money these corporations literally handed their tech over and now want to try and cry foul since "magically" the Chinese have the know how on how to make the same things.

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Two requirements for a tablet : USB (mini or micro ) and SD slot, preferably Android OS. I've used the ipad and found it was handicapped by the maker. Would never buy one for its limitation by design.

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Would never buy one for its limitation by design.

Very interesting. Could you share your opinion of some of those limitations?

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@slumdog, does the ipad have SD card slot or USB port?

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Sorry, I immediately tried to apologize for my ignorance about ipads and Apple products in general, but I could not post two posts in a row. I am now aware that the SD and USB limitations exist. I thought maybe you were talking about other limitations as well. You've got my thumbs up for your input.

I guess it is obvious I don't have an ipad.

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