Apple's iPad Air takes flight


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Is that photo of the guy crying, with the employees clapping at his side, for real? You have got to be kidding me. I swear, most of this story seems like it was lifted directly from The Onion. As an aside, I find it quite telling that an app about the Japanese constitution was put into the business category...

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I have neverc ried over hardware. I wonder if it relieves stress.

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These wombats that line up are just a small group of individuals that do so regularly. They all know each other and do shifts of sitting in line. They believe they are showing their appreciation to Apple, but they are just making fools of themselves and of Apple.

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"I like this thing the most among all my Apples."

Really? I always thought these people were a myth, but finally, proof that there ARE those who buy every update. Psy yai yaiii!

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The story about Takaaki Sasaki is really cool.

I hope he goes on to make more great apps...

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have you seen the prices on those toys? they are out of their minds the rotten rich apple owners. with that money you can buy an ultrabook and get some work done. to this day, tablets are useless for writing anything beyond short messages. if all you want is reading and watching movies, it can be done just as good for far less money.

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Why buy new? I still have my old ipad and it works fine.

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It should be noted that many buyers of the new iPad Air are upgrading from the iPad 2, which is a 2.5 year old design (a long time ago by anyone's standards!). Indeed, expect pretty steady sales of the iPad Air for this reason around the world, including Japan.

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Darn, and I just bought the iPad 4!

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Y'know what would be damn revolutionary by this point? If these newfangled tablets could finally do true multitasking. We finally have Ghz quad-cores, 64-bits, larger screens, etc.; yet we still can't get true multitasking like even old Mhz 16-bit computers did. (And no, MS Surface Pro is more a PC running on Intel chips.)

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