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Apple's profit falls for first time in nearly a decade


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"shrank to 37.5% from 47.5%"

Those numbers almost made me choke!!! This is huge!!!

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Apple died with Steve. No new "wow" products have come out just upgrades to existing product lines.

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competition is a bitch, with so many excellent cheaper smart phones on the market nowdays Apple will have to drop there prices or design some new cheaper devises to compete, when you up the only way is down!

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can smell another 100 plus lawsuits to try and claw back some of the lost profit, because everybody knows the Iphone is so innovative, just a note 26% of the Iphone4 is made by Samsung, (flash memory, DRAMM memory, main processor) basically the brains of the phone, thats basically a Samsung phone in a Apple cover! LOL

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Maybe if Apple spent less money on lawyers and more on products they would be doing better.

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Apple needs to call up Research in Motion and brush up on what happened there.

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I gotta agree with wtfjapan...Apple is sitting too high and mighty behind it's brand, built on the idea to think outside the box. Now, they've built an iron box outside "the box" as it were. The only way to really prevent a downfall would be to get creative, get competitive and create something new that we NEED. They gotta push for new tech and lifestyle devices.

As it is, when I get my next phone, I'll be getting rid of the last Apple item in my house, and I see no reason why I'd want to stay with the brand as it is. I hope they can resurrect the visionary ability of Steve Jobs.

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More hysterical thinking about Apple and what it "needs" to do. People have such a personal relationship with the brand, even if they dislike it, that they hold Apple to a mystical, irrational standard. And the tech business press presents Apple like gossip sites present Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, Apple is going gangbusters and will continue that way for many years at least. Let's face it: your company should be so lucky as to have $9.5bn quarterly profit, a slight dip after nearly a decade of quarterly increases, half of which happened during the most terrible of all worldwide economic crashes and not yet finished, and the huge cash pile that Apple has, and taking advantage of today's absurdly low interest rates to borrow cash buy back $100M of its own shares at a cheap price now that the hedge fund manipulation and stock market games have brought that price back around where it was when Steve Jobs was last at the helm. I'd say a management buyout down the road is a possibility.

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Amazing. $144 billion in the bank. Without a doubt one of, if not The most amazing success story of the past 100 years. It is funny to watch the nerds fall over themselves explaining how terrible Apple is. I will never understand the geeks who get worked up and actually upset that a particular company does well.

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Welcome to the post-Steve Jobs era...

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I do not have the figures available, but if I am not mistaking, Apple is more a service industry with iTune, Apps, ... than a hardware supplier. And still no competitors can compete on that level. Any idiot - like me - buying an apple device just plug in into an Apple laptop ... and done! Everything synchronized and working fine within a minute. And not mentioning Apple software are still much safer vis-a-vis virus attack.

Expensive, yes, but so easy to use for lambda people.

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Explosive growth can't continue forever.. at some point the growth is going to level out and even decline. The trend can't continue forever because at some point the company will be bigger than the economy of the world!!

Competition, lack of a real "wow" product, no mid range phones to take advantage of the emerging markets, are some of the issues that face apple now.

but with 147 billion cash on hand...

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Looks like people are finally realizing that the premium they were paying for Apple products is going straight to the brand name and not to the actual quality of the product.

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@badmigraine: best analysis here. Totally agree with you

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Apple will bounce back, I have no doubt about it. This is just a minor setback. the calm before the storm.

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Perhaps I'm too early to the party. But I'm glad that this hasn't turned into a fanboy/girl war. I agree with badmigraine, and I just hope that competition is still strong everywhere for a longer while because we consumers benefit from that.

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