Apps re-invent smartphone keyboards to reduce typing frustration


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Recently words like "re-invent","revolutionary"and"innovative" have lost their impact.

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Recently? Sounds like 20-year-old Apple ad copy.

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Apps like this already exist for Android. Apple is re-inventing nothing.

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i think swiftkey is the best because it's FREE! i have never, and will never, pay for an app.

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SWYPE has been available on Samsung Galaxy Note for free, since like 3 years ago.

Apple is just getting it now and claiming it's a new innovation? lol.

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I've had the misfortune of having to use an iphone for work.. The keyboard is so frustratingly slow comparing with swype that it kills me.. (I'm beta testing since 5 years swype and can get the app for free, but it costs only around 1 dollar anyway).

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@Amidalism, @Papi2013 the article doesn't say that Apple is re-inventing, but APPS are reinventing the keyboard. Apple just gave up and allowed for these apps on iOS. The fact that it's not really news, since these apps have been on Android for years is another thing.

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I'm using swiftkey since it is free and there is a Japanese beta that lets you switch between English and Japanese. Since its still beta, it is a bit buggy at times though.

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The Blackberries and old Kindles had the best solution. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs didn't like tactile keys, and so now we all must suffer.

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This should be in the "Old News" category, like from 2010 or before. Is it "new" because ifanbots have just discovered it?

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I used to hate typing on an iPad because its lack of predictive typing made it fairly easy to misspell words. I actually like the QuickType keyboard in iOS 8.0.2, because its predictive typing is actually pretty accurate. Yes, I know there are better alternatives from third parties, but Apple has fortunately done a good job with the iOS 8.0 keyboard, which makes typing messages on the iPhone 5/5S/5C and the new iPhone 6/6+ models a bit easier to do.

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