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Are 'chatbots' the future of online business?


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There goes 30% of minimum wage jobs...

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I wonder if some of the posters here are bots? What do you think?

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Disturbing. Isn't this how it's supposed to end? The replacement of all jobs for employees that work 24/7 and receive zero pay? We have to start asking what the economy is for if it isn't for people anymore.

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I find this very concerning. I first thought it was sinister when I saw the self-service checkouts being installed a few years ago.

It seems odd that, as many of us are coming to terms with the economic reality that we're probably going to have to work into our seventies, the tendency for corporations is to reduce the need for human workers at all.

The message seems to be "Take the pittance we'll pay you and don't think of hoping for more, or you'll be replaced by a machine".

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Chatbots are already widely used in China. Ya can even use it to pay utility bills, buy movie tickets, set up appointments, etc. It's like Siri, but in text form.

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If you can't add more value or efficiency to a transaction than a software routine, then raise your game, or change games.

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troubleAPR. 16, 2016 - 10:41AM JST I wonder if some of the posters here are bots? What do you think?

Surely not!

Internet users gamed the artificial intelligence—designed to improve the conversations—to cause Tay to spew out hateful and racist comments.

On the other hand, maybe you're on to something.

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You have to wonder because some comments make you think that they could not have been made by any organic species.

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Give me a a checklist of what's on offer and I'll check what I want... I don't want to have a pretend conversation with a computer that takes twice the effort...

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The removal of jobs is the removal of a taxpayer so at some point the public is going to have to ask that corporations have higher taxes to pay for all the unemployed.

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After reading/heading about a bunch of articles like this on a whole variety of different issues, what I think is really happening is that we are getting away from this one size fits all model for how we do things. and so when ever anyone talks about "the end of" a certain piece of tech or way of doing things it's not really. I just hope those who are in charge of stuff catch on to this. As I could see there will be a sizeable people who are going to love this idea, as to them having to look though menus was to much effort so they'd rather have some mock conversation with a bot deal with a menu. while others won't care and still others will find the bots more annoying then the menu's where.

I see this happen in other areas, where there has been only one main way of doing a particular task, what that way is has changed over time. But there has only really been one main way, as it's not been technical possible or cost effective to keep the other options. So there's a lot of people seeing this as just the next change in the way things are done. but I think we've gotten to the point where now it's not only possible but desired that there is more ways to do these tasks.

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