Are consumers ready for television watching back?


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In a nutshell...No I am not ready. I dont want my TV seeing me pick my nose. I also dont want to potentially have my privacy invaded like a stalker who puts a camera over their victims bed.

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haven't owned a TV in 6 years now.... best decision I ever made!

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“This tells me Orwell got it wrong,” he said. “Orwell’s camera did the bidding of the state and these cameras do your bidding.”

That MAY be true at the moment, but consider that every Internet data byte is stored in government databases already. No thanks. It's already intrusive.

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If wonder if you get up to pee, could TV's like this shout at you : "Where the hell are you going, come back to your seat and watch this!"

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Get ready, folks. Here comes the "future". If you want it.

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downright scary, i hope it comes with an option to turn off the big brother eye

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maybe tv's have been doing this for some time now? all new tech ideas (soft and hard-ware) are great, but at least we should always be able to choose if we want or not to be "voyeured". some like it, and some don't.

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Wait till it get's hacked then you'd think twice.

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There is nothing much on TV, and now it's going to watch you? I suppose this will boost pajama sales.

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I suppose this will boost pajama sales

Do we have the same thought :"> ?

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downright scary, i hope it comes with an option to turn off the big brother eye

We already have the means for that option. It's called a big piece of black electrical tape over the lens.

Here's the nightmare scenario I envision... Teenage boy and his mom enter the room talking, the boy sits down, turns on the TV and the TV offers the channels he's watched before. That's when the mom notices they're all porn channels.

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I sometimes watch TV naked, with the blinds and curtains open. TV watching me...I'm fine with it.

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