Artificial intelligence and the coming health revolution

By Rob Lever

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Cheaper to eat a plant based diet. Would ruin all those multinational profiting dreams too

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Cheaper to eat a plant based diet.

Plant-based products should be a significant portion of all diets.

But it takes extra work to be properly healthy without animal based products as well. Humans were made to eat animals. Not eating them requires finding other methods to supplement that which our bodies expect.

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it takes extra work to be properly healthy without animal based products

Can't agree with you there. I suppose it depends on what you take as your starting point. If you start off from 'how to fill the hole on the plate when you remove the meat, with something exactly the same', then yes, I can see you might have a problem. If you start off with an empty plate, and consider how best to fill it up with healthy, nutritious, tasty food - not a problem, and a lot less work than slaughtering and processing Babe or Daisy the cow on an industrial scale.

Humans were made to eat animals

Wow, never took you for a Creationist.

We weren't 'made' to eat anything. We evolved eating a mainly plant-based diet with the occasional glut of meat when the hunters managed to bring down a mastodon. On a day-to-day basis, the main intake of animal flesh (if you can call it that) was most likely a handful of grubs shared by the tribe. We most certainly did not evolve to thrive on the mainly-meat diet so many folk these days think is normal. The average modern western diet gives the human body way more protein, bad fat and refined carbs than the body needs or expects.

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Back on topic please.

But it takes extra work to be properly healthy without animal based products as well

Not in the slightest. Maybe that's what the marketing tells you, but certainly not according to verifiable science that shows with an immense body of evidence spanning decades, and not marketing, that you nor anyone requires animal based products in any way, should you wish to live a long and healthy life

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Food and health are directly related. The more plants you eat the healthier you are. The more animals you eat the more unhealthy you are. The science cannot be refuted, but that doesn't stop the marketing who have a financial interest to say otherwise. A good example of this is how eggs are not allowed to be marketed in the USA as noted hilariously here: ( video titled "Who Says Eggs Aren't Healthy or Safe?" ) Note each video on their site will show the references to the science articles.

Companies want people to depend on them for technology and solutions when people don't need companies at all when it comes to their health and nutrition

It will come down to who has access to the information like, who just review the data from and put it to more understandable English. I wonder what public information on health is available in Japanese to the local Japanese market? Most science publish in English but it would be important to know from more sources given the widespread public misunderstanding of how nutrition works

Japan has cool local chefs that make a nice splash about local ingredients with their craft. That will remain more important than any app

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