Artificial intelligence can find, map poverty, researchers say


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What kind of civilization are we so we need a computer AI to see what and where the poverty is ? Eradicate the poverty ? Nice wording but I am rather seeing the eradication of the poorer....

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This has been done for years.

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Now if we can turn AI against the 1%ers and computer programmers

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Might be. My way of looking from artificial intelligence is how much lands were made non arable thanks to nuclear incidents of all kinds. That might give a clue to so economic development gurus, that nuclear is good if not side bad effects but radioactive wastage emissions would just keep the countries very bad for several centuries if not 1000 yrsa like chernobyl.

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Seen this on a show once. Now we and others can avoid the nastier parts of town. ;)

As far as poverty goes, Scandinavia had eradicated through a steep progressive income tax. While not palatable to all, we do have a way to end poverty. Will the govts of poor countries comply?

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It is pretty obvious to humans where the problems are, isn't it?

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