Artificial intelligence creeps into daily life


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A robot, for example, might cut through a group of people in a train station to find the most efficient path, unknowingly violating social rules on personal space.

Well, there are humans who do that too - often tourists from a certain large country - but we still accept them as human.

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Cool news about detecting retinopathy!!

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I hope that putting "AI to work in the supermarket" will mean an end to the chorus of "unexpected item in bagging area"

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Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. Make apps to help people, but no further. Replacement is not and was never a priority for society

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will it lead to mass unemployment and increased poverty and disaffection? or the elimination of much of the need for work and even the end of some of the hard effects of global capitalism? Self-driving cars will be vastly safer than human driven ones. But, driving as a vocation accounts for much employment. Take it away and what happens to the people? The questions we are facing are enormous. Once AI develops self-learning and super-self-applicable intelligence there will be huge implications for international relations and quite a danger in terms of the use and misuse of this kind of power. Eventually, AI will be a part of everything but also much more intelligent than us humans. The implications are still unclear.

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all hail the Master Control Program

End of Line

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Suckerborg envisages a day when robots will read us the real news from approved sources and not all that fake, independent stuff.

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Suckerborg envisages a day when robots will read us the real news from approved sources and not all that fake, independent stuff.

Translation: "I'm angry because facebook is going to delete the fake news stories I post that allow me to slander the other side, without having to actually deal with reality"

Good on Facebook.

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Will the legal distinction between living things and things displaying artificial intelligence cease? Will it be possible to terminate a robot's "life" without its consent? Will robots be "emancipated" and accorded rights including the right to vote? Why hack voting machines if you can hack the voter?

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Facebook is SOOO in need of artifical intelligence because they are lacking the real one over there....

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@Bill Murphy It depends on what they look like. "Consent" is a point. I question whether it can be discovered in AI to anyone's satisfaction. Does that imply consciousness? I have my doubts. But the appearance of it may be more important since we just may come to a point where human perception of AI outpaces what we can know about whatever AI is created. And how we perceive ourselves will be more the question. I doubt consciousness can be understood or created but it may not matter if people just start feeling AI is human-like.

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a virtual butler managing his household

As long as the butler minds its own business and doesn't spam me with offers from the local supermarket or people just like me!, why not?

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Zuckerberg's AI "Jarvis" is voiced by Morgan Freeman

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