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Artificial intelligence future wows Davos elite


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In the sci fi world robots were supposed to have Positronic brains, and not just Ai (artificial intelligence). The robots that are being talked about are neither intelligent or smart, they are just following presets of operations; no thinking required. We look to movies and the destruction they inflict upon the world, and we cringe at the possible social intercourse that may come out of this encounter. Alas, in the real world there are no terminators, no Data's, and all our fears are self inflicted gun shot wounds to the ego. As Churchill said, "there is nothing to fear, but fear itself." I would love to have a humanoid robot that could carry on a decent conversation and do more that mindless dribble, we have humans to do these trivial things, and are very good at it. What is the criteria for Ai? Where is the intelligence in Artificial intelligence?

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I agree with Kristianna, there is nothing to fear. These robots are programmed they are not free thinkers. As long as your program is good, then so will the Robot.

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What is special about a washing machine? If that's the new definition of AI, then I'm Albert Einstein!

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