As Facebook ad boycott enters new phase, impact unclear

By Rob Lever

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I will be more than happy to see Facebook die and disappear like MySpace did.

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I would love to see Facebook go down. Lets all get together and create a new Facebook that does NOT sell your private information. Who's with me?!

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The impact will probably be lost revenue for companies not advertising.

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Michael MachidaToday  10:16 am JST

I would love to see Facebook go down. Lets all get together and create a new Facebook that does NOT sell your private information. Who's with me?!

As much as I despise Facebook, it isn't a charity and it's in the T&Cs that signing up gives FB the right to use the information you give them and post to generate an income through advertising. So the only way to stop them using your "private" info is to close your account or not sign up in the first place. I don't know why that's so hard to understand.

That said, I wouldn't be too upset to see them shut down if they can't decide whether they're a platform or a publisher.

Make up your mind, Zuck.

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If facebook is using my information to get advertisers in front of me, why are the ads so not of interest to me?

I post about Z and get ads for AB & C. None of which have anything to do with Z. Plus, I get the same 'sponsored posts' constantly and these also have nothing to do with Z. I mean, cute girls advertising cr@p is one thing, but at least make the cr@p related to Z.

Should I move to Instagram?

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The group is pressing for a top-level executive "with deep civil rights expertise" to monitor Facebook's policies for discrimination and bias and an independent audit of "hate and misinformation."

So long as those at farsebook agree with that persons opinion or views ......................Farcebook is a place for double standards, and it hates the truth and discriminates against those who share it. Farcebook needs to be brought back to reality.

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Zuckergerg makes many billions every year from the fake news and hate web sites on Facebook. He seems to have decided to choose profits over the public welfare.

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FB helped to enable horrors like genocide in Myanmar and the rise of the far right.

What was once a great tool for keeping in contact with family and friends has become a monster.

Won't be sad to see it crash and burn.

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