As Facebook faces fire, heat turns up on No. 2 Sandberg


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Agreed, should be about equality, but feminism, while it sometimes mentions equality it all too often means nothing of the sort, its becoming scarier rather than equal sadly.

That said BOTH of these two should be FIRED from FB!

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Galloway said it would look bad for Facebook to fire one of the only top female executives in an industry where women "face inordinately high obstacles to get to leadership positions."

Gender should not be part of it, right? Do they want equality or not? It should all based on merits and success factor, not by race/gender/anything.

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Personally I'm setting up my own website this weekend. Then I'm leaving Facebook. I'm no longer prepared to participate in the gutter sewer Facebook has become.

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Social media, especially Facebook is the cancer of our age. I quit Facebook in August and I haven't missed it one little bit. I hope to live to see the end of FB. It'll be a great day for humanity and one's personal privacy.

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"Sandberg had a career before Facebook"

Wow! How did she manage that?! Maybe the same way people were able to communicate with each other before FB!

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Can't stand her smug look and Mark's

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A very sad and pathetic spectacle. The leading SJW company will blame a woman for everything and fire her. Zuckerberg has destroyed billions of accounts, but there is no news of their ad revenue plunging. This crisis is all about drawing attention away from the fact the Facebook is going to race Tesla to the bottom.

Sandberg should replace Zuckerberg and salvage the company. She shouldn’t be blamed for what her phony boss has done.

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Thanks, Sheryl, I feel better. It only took two or three times to get your story straight. That's a world record. Usually it takes Facebook at least a dozen tries at lying and re-lying and covering up to come clean. So I'm feeling so much better about Facebook and you.

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