ASAHI Net LTE service launched - from only Y785 per month


ASAHI Net Inc has begun offering its ASAHI Net LTE service. ASAHI Net LTE offers 100Mbps downstream communication speed. It is a mobile data communication service with speeds comparable to a fiber optic connection.

The monthly service charges are the lowest for a LTE service in the Japan ISP business (according to ASAHI Net's research on Feb 18).

The ASAHI Net LTE service is being offered to individuals and businesses. With the addition of ASAHI Net's Fixed IP Address option, the ASAHI Net LTE service can be used to create high security communication environments such as required for surveillance cameras, parking check out machines, BEMS (Building and Energy Management Systems), digital signage, M2M (Machine to Machine).

There are four plans.

-- 128K plan: Monthly charge 785 yen/month (Unlimited data/month) -- 1 Giga Plan: Monthly charge 1,950 yen/month (1GB/month data) -- 2 Giga Plan: Monthly charge 2,790 yen/month (2GB/month data) -- 3 Giga Plan: Monthly charge 3,790 yen/month (3GB/month data)

The Fixed IP Address option can be added for an extra 840 yen/month.

  • The above charges apply when the ASAHI Net LTE service is used as the main Internet connection service. If using the LTE service with other Internet connection services provided by ASAHI Net (e.g. fiber-optic services), a 52 yen/month discount is possible.

  • In addition to the monthly charges above, a universal service charge of 3.15 yen/month per SIM card will be charged.

The SIM cards offered with the ASAHI Net LTE service are Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM.

Compatible devices are NTT DOCOMO-supplied LTE (Xi) compatible devices (smartphone, tablet, mobile router, etc), or SIM Free mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc).

Service area is the same as that provided with NTT DoCoMo's Xi and FOMA services.

How To Apply

Make an application using one of the following methods:

Online: Phone: 03-3569-3522 English line (10 a.m. to 5p.m., weekdays).

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I don't understand: it seems the cheapest plan, the 128K plan, gives you unlimited data, yet, if you pay more for the more expensive plans, data is limited. Could it be that the 128K plan is limited to 128KB, which is less than most photographs?

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@gaijintraveller With the 128K Plan, the maximum possible download speed is 128Kbps.

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Can you use programs like Skype with this service? 128K should be enough for that and you'd get a cheap mobile phone service for Y785 per month.

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128Kbps is very slow. The slowest 3G service gives out at 200Kbps. As for the LTE service, 3 GBs will not be enough for heavy internet users and downloaders. Most smartphone/tablet LTE plans (or mobile routers) offer a 7GB limit for about 5,000 yen. Once you reach 7GBs though the speeds automatically plummet to 128Kbps unless you pay for more 4G access. Also, be careful: I know some people who are paying for LTE with their new iphones but the area where they live has no LTE signals!

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@128Kbps its desnt mattter if it is LTE or 3G or 2G. DTI has much cheaper (490Yen/month) offering for 128Kbps 3G connection.

For 1GB and 2 GB plan Biglobe has also similar offering. So overall there is nothing new or cheaper in the offering from Asahi except that the have English Customer service.

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that 128kbps is bits and not bytes (128/8 = 16k bytes per second). = about double the speed of the old dial up 56k modems.

=all communication rates are in bits, but on a computer they rate it in bytes. =You buy a plan/8 and that is what the true speed is.

These devices communicate all the time unless you turn the communication off. =You are constantly using data.

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Yes, similar pricing to Biglobe. But no minimum use period or cancellation charge.

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