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Asia deploys innovative, if invasive, tech to curb virus

By Jerome Taylor

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Many asian countries already used phone data to trace back contacts. Sadly because of European data protection laws this was not done and Italay, France, Spain, Germany, UK and many more have suffered becasue of it. There are reasons to ignore the laws but it seems a pandemic is not one of them. Maybe if WHO had called it a pandemic earlier that would have helped but the WHO just say Test, test, test which does nothing to stop the actual virus it just gives them data to play with and justify there existence.

When it is all over thw WHO will be seen as the failure they are and hopefully defunded.

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Perhaps, rather than being "defunded", the WHO needs to be beefed up and made more effective. Ideally it should have the mandatory authority to order worldwide measures to combat disease outbreaks as serious as this one. But, like most supranational organisations, the WHO's authority is only theoretical, because there are enough authoritarian regimes around the world that would never be prepared to cede control, while other states would be less than enthusiastic.

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