First image of black hole at Milky Way's center revealed

By Pierre Celerier and Juliette Collen

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Located 27,000 light years from Earth, its existence has been assumed since 1974'

Indeed, 27,000 'units' away would be far more accurate. Because our perception and measurement of temporal distance is still very earthbound and limited, I guess?

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Four million times bigger than our Sun and 27,000 light years away, these numbers are hard to comprehend. If any part of this was visible on Earth the image would have started its journey to your eye 27,000 years ago.

9.5 trillion kilometres times 27,000 = a very long way.

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Kinda scary not knowing whats in there and how tiny we are in comparison.

Oh, if only such evidence would make earths war-addicts realise the relative pettiness of human conflict on our little rock called earth.

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Kind of. The image is new but the EMS waves that make up the image were emitted from the gas around the blackhole 27,000 years ago; way back in the Upper Paleolithic period! Basically, it is a snapshot of how things were way back in time. I agree, it is pretty amazing stuff.

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Does that mean the image we’re looking at today is 27,000 years ago? This stuff is so amazing and mind bending. I love it. Congratulations to the Collaboration.

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