Astronomers seek evidence of tech built by aliens


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Given recent research showing the prevalence of Earth-like planets throughout the galaxy, "We can no longer ignore the possibility that technological civilizations predated us," Professor Avi Loeb told reporters at a news conference.

His book Extraterrestrial is a good read and logic dictates that we should be looking for things like Dyson spheres or swarms around stars.

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Keep participating, you will never find anything..

Do you want to see aliens, see the pathetic movie of E.T.

Eeeeeeetteeeeeee, looool !!

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If nature follows the same rules all over our universe, I don't think we would want to meet more advanced creatures. We would surely become meals.

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Everywhere in space is a very long away from everything else. And, as any long haul passenger will tell you, space = time. We are all a long time away from each other. Space and time together preclude contact. Even if another civilisation existed at the same time as us, should we both send messages to the other, by the time the messages could be received, both civilisations would be dust.

Space and time together, place us in an impenetrable bubble. We can only look for the remains of dead civilisations and send messages that will be received when we are geological history.

When you realise the implications of this, you understand the value of living every moment. Because the one thing we have in common with every other species in the universe, is that we exist for no longer than the blink of an eye, and will all be a long time dead.

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So we have cameras which can read the restaurant menu you are holding from space, but every picture of alien spaceships is nothing but a smudged shape? There are definitely other intelligent species out there and better pray they are friendly since the tech needed for intergalactical travel would make them Columbus and us the native Indians and we all know how that ended..., but probably global warming and destroying our environment will take care of that before they arrive?

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The truth is out there.

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The tech seen in the Tic Tac, the triangular craft often called the TR-3B and others are very probably man made and owned by a government that is not about to admit to their ownership. The physics to do what those craft have been observed doing is understandable and within the realm of the possible, but the engineering required to create this physics is exceptionally difficult. Nonetheless I firmly believe what those Navy pilots and ships crews observed are man made craft and possibly even US made craft. No ET, no space invaders. And I think there is a tech race underway between some very powerful nations to master these technologies that neither side will admit to. The study given the US Congress is vague and explains nothing. Expect more reports like that because the people who know the truth are sworn to secrecy and the people writing these reports are not cleared to be informed of these programs, and probably never will be.

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Conflating a serious astronomical search for potential evidence of technology around other stars with little green men and flying saucers does no one any good.

GBR48 is right, dependant on how distant any discovery is the likelihood of meaningful communication is very low. Intelligence may have evolved elsewhere earlier than Earth so they may be far beyond our level of development or extinct. Depending on what the lifetime of technological civilisations is (which we have no idea what it is) the probability of two civilisations being concurrent is very low and given the distances the likelihood of their even discovering each other’s existence let alone communicating is vanishingly small.

The one thing we can do is look for evidence of technology (which may or may not be around their home star) be it an active civ or it’s remains and the evidence of technological activity in the atmosphere of potential life bearing worlds.

What we discover may by the time we see it be a long gone event and so may be the civilisation and even the species but we will at least know there is or we’re others out there even if we are now alone.

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I still think the picture at the top is a bug caught in the camera!

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I still think the picture at the top is a bug caught in the camera!

Did you see the video of it maneuvering?

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These astronomers are a wee bit arrogant. To be effective they need to include some engineers with significant experience in aviation, space flight and small nuclear power plants. An astronomer is not an engineer and may not recognize the engineering principles behind an observed UAP.

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I still think the picture at the top is a bug caught in the camera!

In addition one does not encounter insects at the altitude that jet is flying at. Low flying helicopters might see some bugs splattered on the windscreen but not jets at altitude.

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UFOs are the Jeff Bezos, Bransons, and Elons from other planets. Lol

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We cant even detect all the meteors that may hit our planet, let alone a small speedster whisking its way around the planets on an extraterrestrial joy ride...

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