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At the gadget show: Curved phones, smarter homes, fuel cells


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Whole lot of Korean companies pushing new product out there. No wonder Samsung is beating Japanese companies. Good to see Toyota still holding the torch, though. As for the LG phone, said companies have been trying to curved phone thing for a decade now, and it has not caught on, and for good reason -- it does not fit well into pockets or spaces that a flat phone does. Are the cases also curved? or are they flat and thicker to compensate for the slight curve of the phone itself? As for making it easier to speak -- rubbish. It wouldn't make any difference as long as you still have to hold it up to your ear or in your hand, or if it's long enough to extend from your and wrap down around your mouth. The 'self-healing' scratch tech sounds pretty interesting, though, if it works.

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They are beating no one, samsung just copies everything from Sony, lame company

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Apple was so smart to wait on releasing the Apple Watch until after CES 2015.

Let everyone see what "follows" Apple and then wait for Apple to show the world the way.

Yes, I agree, Samsumg is a Leech to Sony and Apple and it's pathetic to look at Samsung's products without having to stop and think, "Ok, what did they copy this time?"

CES is a nice little show for all the Secondary Manufactures that are struggling and racing to play catch up with Apple, but just wait, the moment is upon us - Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and there's One More Thing, but ill keep it under wraps for now.

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