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AT&T-Time Warner mega-deal: Merger for new media era or a bad remake?


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Remember when Comcast tried and failed to merge with Time Warner? Americans don't want this type of conglomerate controlling the airwaves and stifling competition.

As an American, I honestly think this is a horrible idea for the direction of home media and Internet service.

Pretty soon you'll have to have a unique subscription or contract for Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, YouTube Red etc. each time you want to watch one of their exclusive shows.

Of course, there's always the option to just give up on all of them and get some hobbies!

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One dying media company merging with another, the execs, accountants and lawyers will likely be the only beneficiaries, the naive pension funds will be left holding worthless paper if the company ends up as a dinosaur. Technology is moving fast and these kinds of companies can be gone in the blink of an eye.

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Monopolies not allowed.

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Since nothing is allowed to escape copyright anymore thanks to Disney, nothing has entered the public domain for years. Ironically it drives people to do other things.

Learn languages, make art, go back to school, work at something you love, support family and friends. Doing something else that you like to do is the only way to escape the march of media giants. You don't need them, they need you

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Not that it changes your point, but Comcast tried to buy Time Warner Cable, a service provider. AT&T is buying Time Warner Corp., a media content provider.

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