KDDI mobile customers across Japan hit by prolonged network troubles


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Pivot to digital they said. It will be fine they said.

Expect more of this. Digital services are inherently less resilient that the real thing. Have a 'Plan B' so you can still pay for and sell stuff with cash.

As a real world example, I currently can't use my debit card on many websites as my bank and one of the main payment processing software providers are each blaming the other for the software not working. Neither of them are fixing it and may not for some time, if ever. 'Digital' is easily broken.

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One of the affected here. 4G service has been out 95% of the day, only coming on for a few minutes at a time here and there. No big deal as it’s Saturday and we have (non-AU) wi-fi at home anyway (plus a landline if we really need to make a phone call), but undoubtedly a major inconvenience for a lot of people.

Hope they give us a discount on next month’s bill as compensation (fat chance).

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This incidents have never occured in America or Europe.

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mizuho Bank, NTT Docomo, and now KDDI.

We really need engineers in Japan, real ones!

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Omg I would cancel my contract if I would be their customers. Same with Mizuho and other incompetent companies.

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The cyber war is starting ?

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Ok so exuse me for asking but iam not finding information anywhere on what has caused the disruption ?

Anyone care to enlighten me please ?

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I don't understand why there's no info. The service has been down since 1.30am and all the major news sources know nothing. This is weird.

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The time has come to break up this mobile MONOPLY, only 3 carriers serving 125,000,000 is a monopoly any way you look at it.

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They apparently don't need them since they have fax machines!

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People starting to freak out,no unwanted message, Facebook,excetera

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So that’s why I couldn’t get through to my friend on my mobile this afternoon but the landline was OK.

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My landline was OK too. Come to think of it, it's the only phone I have and I refuse to waste money on a smartphone and join the ranks of the walking dead .

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Japan's largest mobile carrier by subscribers, NTT Docomo Inc, suffered a system failure in October and was issued an administrative order to prevent a recurrence. The disruption, lasting around 29 hours and affecting at least 12.9 million users, was labeled a serious incident by the communications ministry.

How many of these "administrative orders" did Mizuho pile up last year? 8? 9? 10? More?

If the J-gov would stop pussyfooting around and hit them where it really hurts: the wallet. Just fine them a few billions each time and after let's say "3 strikes", just threaten them to revoke their license. Now, that should get their attention.

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Russian a/o Chinese hackers perhaps?

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All carriers should do this once per week for mental and physical health. People might stop being hunched over staring at Twitter and TikTok on their phones and look around a little.

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Russian a/o Chinese hackers perhaps?

You wish!!!

There is no need for that. Japan's IT infrastructure is so wobbly and decades behind that it crashes all by itself...Year in year out are the news full of IT "whoopsies", system crashes, lack of security and information leaks due to, not hi-tech hacks, but inappropriate data-management policies.

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My JCOM phone is still not working 11:30PM Japan Time

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Apologies are worth more than refunds.

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Well, who would want to use AU anyway? You snooze you lose. Oh, and Docohno, and Dumbank. Hang on, everything else relies on these silly networks, so... we are all screwed. It's okay, it's just too hot. Once a rainy day comes, all will be well. Thank god for Wi-Fi right? Long live LAN lines! If only they were free.

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Or don't.

Just wear a mask, everything will get better

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I lost about 500000 minutes,when my phone got locked,that I had accured with my service , I bought another phone,with the same company,but get unlimited internet for 33 dollars a month

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Sanctioning Russian gold was not such a good idea it seems.

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That's what happens when you sign with a second-rate outfit.

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And the winner is??? NOT You for sure.

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In many countries, there are technical requirements for reliability, redundancy, and security. Does Japan have such standards? Now that NTT and KDDI have had major widespread outages, I doubt it. It's time for the government to take responsibility for communications away from MITI and create a separate agency to manage communications.

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@Mocheake You imply that there is a first-rate outfit. Who would that be? Both NTT and KDDI have had widespread mass outages lasting more than 24 hours over the last 8 months.

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I wish Japan would use Korean or Taiwan tech for phone service, then we'd never have this kind of problem!

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