Audiobooks see boom in digital, multitasking age


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Audiobooks are nice for when you can't be reading a book, but still want a story (or information or whatever). I listen to them at the gym, and they are good for driving as well.

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I've tried listening to audiobooks before at the gym, and I always missed half of the content due to my focus being on lifting but audiobooks are great for long train rides where you can rest your eyes and focus on the book. I always burn through books quicker than reading on the kindle that way.

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I have switched to eBooks, cheaper and uses no space or paper(Trees).

Never was interested in audiobooks, don't see their appeal.

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No thanks. For me a book is a book,something very very special that any other kind of mode can not replace.

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For sports I prefer music, following a narrative can take my focus away from driving/riding.

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I used to listen to a lot of heavy metal when working out. But I actually found I was more prone to injury - I'd get all pumped on a song, and strain myself! In my older age, I'm more controlled, and focused on perfect form rather than power lifting, so an audio book keeps me level.

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