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Augmented reality looks to future where screens vanish


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In this ever changing world in which we live in. Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, or a combination of the two is the newly evolving tech of today. Although, can all applications be done in AR or VR? Do you want to constantly slip into a pair of glasses just to watch the late night news, or read todays newspaper? I can see many practical applications for these Reality Tech gadgets, but to totally erase monitors just to give yourself a self induced migraine; is stupid. I want to read my e-mail and do I want to put on my Oculus. Making the simple complex; rather than making the complex simple. I was hoping for multi-functionality; I got one size fits all. In order to run all this Reality hardware do we need faster processors and larger graphic cards. Whose cow is going to be fattened; whose cow is going to be put to the slaughter?

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Great way to visit all those countries that are controlled by terrorists but are on my no go list.

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