Australia wants new Japan propulsion system for its submarines

By Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo

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The United States, a close ally of both Japan and Australia, would welcome Canberra’s purchase of Japanese submarines because of the increased interoperability it would give the three navies, senior U.S. commanders have told Reuters.

Comparable armament. According to Wikipedia, Collins Class vessels now carry a version of Mark 48 torpedoes (US design), the Soryu have Type 89 which is apparently similar. Both also carry Harpoons, there might be some differences but basically they are anti-ship.

But it's the drive trains (which are apparently the bee's knees) being discussed here. How about other systems? I imagine there would be some (probably lots of) common ground. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Hope Australia gets it right this time.

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Good to see Japan back in the arms industry.

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Nice to read positive news for a change.

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Coalition Government wants to buy Soryu Sub from Japan because it will save billions of dollars compare with building Sub in Australia. Also Australian Submarine Company does not have technology to build advance Sub like Japanese Soryu. However, Labor wants to build Sub in Australia and given contract to Australian Submarine Company. Labor, Union and ASC have been campaigning against buying Submarine from Japan and they have pointing out like unnamed source Japanese military expert warn about hidden costs in Soryu class Sub and repairing costs even buying Sub from Japan will be threatening to Australian security. However, Australian Royal Navy will want Japanese Sub instead of Australian build Sub. They are forgetting about nightmare with Australian Submarine Corp build Collin Class Sub. Buying Sub from Japan is long way to go. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has facing many problems at home. He has to fix Labor debt which including unpopular spending cut. So buying Submarines from Japan or other international Sub builders won’t be easy decision for Coalition Government.

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most of us in Australia just wish our submoron Tony Abbott would get on any submarine with duracell batteries.

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