Australia's Victoria gov't showcases information and communications technology in Japan

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Australia’s Victoria state government is to support some 26 companies on an information and communications technology (ICT) trade mission to Japan.

“With the Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement granting Australian service providers improved access to the market and levels of protection for their intellectual property in Japan — broadly equivalent to protections provided in Australia — we believe that now is a great time to be bringing Victorian companies to Japan to showcase their expertise,” said Adam Cunneen, the state government of Victoria’s commissioner to Japan.

“Australia is well recognised for its beauty and tourist destinations, its raw materials, and quality food and beverage, but few know about the breadth of expertise in the ICT sector, particularly in the state of Victoria,” he added.

Victoria has one of the largest R&D clusters in the southern hemisphere, and Australia’s new R&D Tax Incentive has made Victoria’s capital, Melbourne, increasingly attractive. As the country’s leader in telecommunications and research, the state was chosen to host the key technology facilities of the Australian government’s National Broadband Network.

Many of the Victorian companies taking part in the mission are leaders in their field. Delegates include representatives of companies that are already firmly established in Japan, as well as those who are potential new entrants to the market. Delegates will showcase their expertise—including software development, translation solutions, business solutions, digital animation, online education, paper-saving technology, laser instrumentation and fibre optics — and hold meetings with Japanese companies during the period.

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1 Comment
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breadth of expertise in the ICT sector ... As the country's leader in telecommunications and research, the state was chosen to host the key technology facilities of the Australian government's National Broadband Network.

AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Obviously not enough expertise ... Abbot's National Broadband Network .. Yesterday's Technology to be ready by 2025. Sigh ... why couldn't they use their expertise to convince Mr Abbot that Australia really needed Fibre to the Premisis rather than to the Node (50 year old technology today will still be in place in 11 more years time between the node and the premisis).

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