'Back to the Future' hoverboard comes to life from Lexus


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I wonder what the strong magnetic field this hoverboard has to use will do to someone's ear buds? If they put a sensor overhead, can we get an MRI scan while we're using the hoverboard?

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Citizen2012 whats liquide azote? Im not french

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Looks like some supraconductor with liquide azote. No need to say that it is going to levitate only for a few minutes at most, over probably aluminium, and then you must refill with fresh liquid azote, this is far from something that one can use and I doubt also it can levitate a full adult body...we'll see if ever lexus release a new video.

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Hendo board is just in its own way as limited as the lexus board. While the lexus board actually looks dimension wise an actual board not the big produce scale looking thing from Hendo.

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"Hendo made the first one and it works everywhere"

But WHY would anyone make a statement that can be disproved with a little click of the mouse???

It does not work EVERYWHERE!

It can only ride on metallic surfaces, powered by a battery lasting a mere 7 minutes!

Totally different from what Lexus came out with.

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Well... nobody has ever made a working overboard.

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I have seen that before but not from Lexus. Someone has already made that with similar thing that the ground need to have something built in. If they can make it on any regular surface, then would be a more realistic use. Now, it is no difference from a levy train without the rails.

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Mr Gogogo:

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Not legit. And, Dissillusioned, Hendo's does NOT hover over everything. It's the same mag lev like system. You need to hover this overglorified magnet over the proper magnetic material. The two magnets repel each other with enough force to float a human

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When you combine technology, design and imagination? Well, 2 out of those 3 already exited. Japan was once famous for copying all and everything and made it seem like it's groundbreaking news. Welcome back to its old image ;)

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It's not vaporware since the device actually exists.

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Lexus late to the party, hendo made the first and it works anywhere.

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Publicity stunt.

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Well, the Back to the Futuer movie was set in 2015, so it seems about right.

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nakanoguy01: Very true, and that might not be a bad thing. Also, the potential applications for future technology are amazing.

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i love the idea, but i can can only see it being used in amusement parks or something like it.

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Instead of spreading vaporware on internet, I would suggest Lexus to spend its resources designing better cars (their car design is quite awful for what their charge for it) and bringing real innovations similarly to what German car makers do in the same segment.

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