Sony to release 'classic' PlayStation


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Well I'll stick to my raspberry pi, for half the price play PSX, Gamecube, NES, SNES, NEO GEO, Mega Drive, etc...

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Terrible machine, can't purchase additional games and the two controllers don't have analogue control. Waste of money.

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Granted, you can already play a lot of classic PlayStation games as it is on iOS, PC, and, soon, the Nintendo Switch too.

Let's see how the PS1's push for early 3D (remember, Sony didn't want 2D games for its console) has aged for those people who are less about nostalgia and more about visual fidelity. Early 3D in general don’t hold up as well as 2D sprites.

For them, the N64, Saturn & PS1 aged like soda, maybe even the NES. While the SNES, Game Boy Advance & Genesis has aged like wine, and as they were peak 2D consoles.

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Nintendo Switch is the best! Get one if you still don't have one!

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