'Back to the Future II' - Truth is stranger than sci-fi


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Yet in many ways, the 2015 of reality is even more radically altered from what filmmakers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale could have imagined, say futurists who study and project trends.

One thing few in the 1980s would have predicted, including the filmmakers, is what a cult classic the BTF movies would become. Who would've thought?

I loved the move then, and still do now. It's one of the few movies from my generation that also enthralls my children.

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Yet to see if the Cubs will win the World Series as in the film.

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"fax—a now-clunky technology that seemed cutting-edge in the 1980s"

Many old Japanese salary men still think its the way to send/receive information, smh

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The flashy stuff is what gets the attention - hover boards, flying cars - but the stuff that goes on under the hood - genome sequencing, materials science - is what is vastly more important. It just doesn't show well in movies.

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One of the things which we could very easily see in 30 years is… humanoids and other robots just being a complete part of our environment,”

Especially in Japan where they are allergic to immigration.

But honestly, I really hope they bring self-flying cars than run on clean energy. Can you just imagine what a wonderful world that would be?

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One thing that the movie got wildly wrong: lawyers have not been “abolished.”


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Shark still looks fake

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Beat me to it! HA!

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The term "download" did exist in 1985.

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