Baidu aims to be 2nd most popular search engine in Japan

12 Comments Inc's Japanese arm is aiming to be the second choice of Internet search engines in Japan, its president, Toshikazu Inoue, said. Baidu Inc. will focus on making its services best suited for Japanese users, Inoue said.

U.S. engines such as Google Inc do not necessarily offer search results that Japanese users want most, he said.

Inoue was an executive in charge of search business at Yahoo Japan Corp until he took the helm of the unit of China's top search engine in early August.

Inoue said that behind his decision for the shift was his belief that Baidu has the potential to be the top Asian search engine.

Inoue said the China-led Asian region will lead the global Internet industry in the future.


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Japan is a small market, will work as good as locomotive engine. "Bye, we do without baidu" will be the reaction of j-market.

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Striving to be #2. Quite a sad headline. Set yourself up for a fall at best, right from the start. What a great business model.

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Second place is first loser. No Fear.

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2 is better than yahoo!
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Yahoo is the number 1 search engine in Japan not google, people assume google runs the world, these guys really need to get their facts correct.

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The article doesn't say google is number 1...

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Looks like Baidu will become No.1 in Japanese market but it all depends on her performance .

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I don't think it's gonna take off here, the name sounds too much like syphilis.

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I suppose one reason Google might not work effectively is that so many Japanese sites block connections from outside Japan.

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@Randonenigma "so many Japanese sites block connections from outside Japan."

Do they ? What about Baidu ? Didn't they become famous in helping the Chinese government in shutting China's internet to the rest of the unfiltered world ?

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Cos, don't put spaces before question marks.

Baidu will fail here - their marketing is awful. Their search results are terrible.

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