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Baidu to implement ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot chatbot from March


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Baidu Inc, one of China’s biggest search and artificial intelligence firms, said it plans to implement its artificial intelligence chatbot Ernie into its search services from March.

This could boost the edge China already has in data mining that feeds these large machine learning models.

Given that privacy protections are non-existent.


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The Ernie bot can be added to the army of wumaos that China operates.

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That really becomes funny then. For a real AI produced result they have to use the Western version to avoid the Baidu restrictions, for example on Xi or the CCP, and we will have to use their version which is hopefully free of wokeness, political correctness and all such similar restrictions. For us standard users, maybe we just only need to average then both AI’s outputs for the correct results.

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the WEF guys think humans are obsolete and redundant and will be replaced by computer algorithms and AI creating what they call a “useless” class that can easily be disposed of.

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Chat GPT....Coming to a computer near you !!

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Who would use a chatbot that can't even simply tell ya about Winnie the Pooh? Lol

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An 'AI' chatbot and an unforgiving dictatorship. LOL. Eventually it will say something rude about the CCP or Xi, it will go viral, the service will be withdrawn and those behind it will be breaking rocks for a decade in the frosty nether regions of China.

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