BBC to cut 1,000 jobs in digital transformation


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Quote: giving audiences the content they want... in the ways they want it

We want it much as it is now, on broadcast TV.

Quote: additional commercial income

Adverts? Yuk. We pay a licence fee to avoid adverts.

Quote: which marks its centenary this year.

which marks its conclusion this year. FTFY. The Tories are finally getting rid of the public service they dislike the most.

Ending traditional children's TV will be very unpopular.

BBC 4 is popular and is often the only BBC channel with anything interesting on, so that will be missed. It has an older audience demographic that don't stream much.

BBC 3 - aimed at a younger audience - was switched to 'digital only' as that was how the hip youngsters were believed to want it. Its viewing figures collapsed. They then made a big deal of switching it back to a broadcast channel.

UK politicians are not going to like the difference it makes to their campaigning, taking down the BBC. They will have to shift from doing BBC interviews and appearances to making like performing seals on social media platforms they cannot use and don't understand. Even fewer people will know who they are.

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They make great science and natural history programmes, but let's face it, when it comes to international news, it is a very biased institution. I never trust them as a source of foreign affairs - they always have an agenda, and it's great to see them being put down on live TV when guests call them out unexpectedly. Also has a very sordid history with a certain Mr Saville.

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Pukey,why do you listen too the BBC,I catch them 3 times a day

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Well let’s hope their spelling, grammar and editing improve now. BBC and commercials, though, in the same sentence!?!?

And saving £500 million is made to sound like a ‘good’ thing, until you realize that this is 1,000 people’s salaries gone, among other things.

“How digital will make things better for all of us!”

I doubt it.

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Let me back that up by saying my favourite shows in the late 80's and early 90's were all BBC. Blackadder, The Young Ones and Red Dwarf.

Watch any of those shows from their peak and you will see how far BBC has fallen.

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