Beware of the smart device: Ways to stay private and safe


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Sooner or later it will be argued in court that our voluntarily inviting this level of surveillance into our homes means we no longer have the expectation of privacy there.

If a hacker can change the channel when the wife is watching Real Housewives, I'll give them my passwords.

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bunch of bull here, who comes up with these articles.

alexa has all history of commands easily removed.

cameras such as ring all have 2fa and the only way a hacker would get in is if you are an idiot in the first place and didn't secure it.( kinda like if you leave door unlocked and someone gets in ) ,most smart locks will also not let you unlock with voice only.

instead of fearmongering, just educate people on good security practice.

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Stay smarter than your devices.

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Simple solution, don’t have one. You don’t have to be a slave to Silicone Valley hype!

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Always bear in mind that Google doesn't love us.

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And neither does Facebook...

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There's nothing smart about these devices, basically the Large Tech Companies have teams of cheap labour in offshored locations listening into what you say, and pressing buttons in response ! Well... sort of....

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@Crazy Joe - if you have got a Personal Facebook account then, you already have no privacy.

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