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Big ads atop Google results point to broken promise


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There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever.

What do you mean, there already is every where.

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"What do you mean, there already is every where."

No, actually, there aren't.

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Thank you google!

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Doesn't really change anything about that Google abysmally sucks.

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Please elaborate why google sucks? I hate it when people just complain without giving any reason as to why.

Google is the fastest search engine, has a splendid mailing system Gmail, now fully integrated with drive and calendar which makes any other mail service obsolete in my opinion. Google maps with street view. And they always try to bring new tools to make business easier. and everything FOR FREE. Not sure how anyone can complain.

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Yahoo is not relevant in 2013.

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Yahoo is not relevant in 2013.

In what way is not relevant sighclops? As has been said it's a fast search engine, and with the autofill feature even faster to key in the search criteria.

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google is a business and therefore will seek ways to maximise revenue. Always do Good (or whatver their mantra) my butt.

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and everything FOR FREE.

Ha -what a joker to say that. You pay for it through your nose with your privacy. Your life can be reconstructed in great detail by any company with access to the data Google knows about you. Can you imagine how much some are willing to pay (and paying) for this?

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Can you imagine how much some are willing to pay (and paying) for this...

I doubt the NSA is paying, I'd be Google (and Yahoo, et. al.) are giving it to them for free.

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