Big email hack doesn't exactly send the message Yahoo needed


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as a long time Yahoo user, this is the first time I heard of the hack, 2 YEARS LATER!!!!

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Now is the time to read all the negative comments in Japan Today about computer security in Japan.

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I don't understand why this is being discussed 2 years after the fact.

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It's being discussed because it's just been discovered. So change your password, and watch your email.

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If only they'd taken the $44 billion offer by Microsoft in 2008.

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"That challenge just got more daunting after hackers stole sensitive information from at least 500 million accounts."

Shouldn't that read "...daunting after revelation that two years ago hackers stole...."?

Really, what took them so long to notice?

Bullfighter, Agreed!

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Yahoo is for whatever odd reason still popular among many Japanese. Yahoo has had numerous breaches over the years, including one where an employee SOLD customer data to Yakuza.

Screw Yahoo...let them die out.

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^^ If only they'd taken the $44 billion offer by Microsoft in 2008.

It will become worst than it is now.

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Yahoo Inc has very little to do with Yahoo Japan directly which Softbank owns as the majority shareholder. Yahoo Japan also uses Google as their search engine and all the servers are in Japan.

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What? Come on JT! Do you mean "most accounts were never stolen (or more properly hacked--you can not steal an account) "or most accounts were stolen"

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