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Bill Gates: Technological innovation would help solve hunger


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If anyone else said it, I would believe it, but because Gates said it, I know it's the opposite, at least that's what I think he is likely to deliver.

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Sadly, there is a lot of money to be made and power to be had over the weak by keeping certain populations in a perpetual state of famine. Keep dreaming Bill. World hunger will still be here long after you have gone bud.

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The root cause of famine in Africa is beyond the realm of "technological innovation", I say.

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Redistribution of obscene wealth probably a better solution Bill.

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Redistribution of obscene wealth probably a better solution Bill.

Yeah, worked so well for Venezuela and most of Latin America.

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“It’s not just, how do we get through this crisis and get back to normal? It’s, what does the future normal look like?” said Cambria Finegold, the director of digital development for CABI, an intergovernmental nonprofit that is developing the models.

CABI may be "intergovernmental", but it is yet another organisation funded by the Gates Foundation, so it's hardly impartial.

The article itself looks like just another example of a press release churned out by the Gates PR machine masquerading as an article, and lapped up by a corporate media too lazy/corrupt to do real reporting.

“If you go into these countries, they’ve never heard of me or the foundation,” Gates said. “Maybe in the rich world somebody is reading some internet thing, but the people we care about have never, will never, and it’s not important that they ever know who I am.”

He's being pretty economical with the truth here. Ask around a lot of Africans, and they'll tell you Gates' name is mud on the continent.

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Gates - Technological innovation would help solve hunger:

Well, the world had taken note of & many people believed in that a few decades ago.

Yes, apart from the Green Revolution, technology has helped to boost global food production.

Greater effort/action needed immediately..

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It had worked for a long time, sometimes well, sometimes not so well, as they sat there silently and waited their tables to be sufficiently filled with some food coming from the richer countries. But now it’s completely different, they are quickly growing in numbers and therefore also run in masses to the supporting countries and eat directly from their tables too, so there’s just less remaining for delivering there as support for the ones who still sit and wait only. It’s like those ancient castles where they had plenty of food on the table. Something fell down for the servants, the uneaten rests were taken into the villages to feed the poor people with their big families, and the next day the same procedure. If they had opened up the castle gates for everyone, there would have been plenty of food for everyone, but only for one day. After that everything would have been destroyed, dismantled and famine throughout the whole former little kingdom. Translated to our time, there are only open castle gates and almost no working castles left. The truth always draws flak, so feel free to fire as always.

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This guy is full of it. No thanks Bill

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Put your $money where their mouths are Bill.

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I guess he can always feed the world with micro chips.

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The problem for Venezuela are the sanctions and oil embargoes plus access to their gold deposits.

Life should really be quite good for most people and not the current struggles and poverty.

Africa has more natural resources than other continents but the wealth goes to external countries and companies.

Technology can play a part in ending famines.

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Wow and this is coming from a guy who has more than he can ever need!

Bill Gates: Technological innovation would help solve hunger

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One usable answer is already available. It is called vertical farming. Crops grown indoors in what are effectively a clean room environment. No pests, no diseases so no need for herbicides and pesticides. Crop yields per acre are upwards of 70 times greater than can be achieved with conventional outdoor farming or hot houses. Since the buildings are built like clean rooms all water including water vapor in the air is recycled and re-used. New water use is infinitesimal, an important consideration for providing food to arid regions. Vertical farms can be located right in major urban areas to greatly reduce transportation costs and associated environmental impacts of trucking and rail transport. No need for farm tractors either and harvesters either. This is here and now. Vertical farms already exist. Almost all vegetables and some fruits can be grown this way.

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Bill Gates: Technological innovation would help solve hunger.

Let's unpack this a bit. Consider at least that we have a rich tosser who is concerned with more than advancing his own wealth. Could you imagine Donald Trump or the Koch brothers spending any of their wealth to help the poor or to solve any of the problems of mankind? Or Elon Musk? Not a chance.

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Uh, what does a tech nerd know about hunger??

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Put your $money where their mouths are Bill.

He's already given away billions of his money. That's why he's not nearly as rich as he once was. He and Buffett said they plan to give away most of their wealth in the end

Uh, what does a tech nerd know about hunger??

He knows about technology. Hunger is just the end to his means

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Treating food as a commodity is the problem

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More CO2 would help, strange how things work out :-)

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Put your $money where their mouths are Bill.

Read the article. $70 billion dollars.

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