Black hole movies coming soon, says leading astronomer

By Ivan Couronne

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In 1991 the first planets around a star other than our sun were discovered. Now there's so many of these 'exoplanets' known. So this scientist may be right. This will be very helpful when we do develop interstellar space travel.

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I'd heard there was going to be a remake of the Disney classic.

Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on this article.

(just kidding. it's all very exciting!)

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Toasted HereticSep. 6 04:18 pm JSTI'd heard there was going to be a remake of the Disney classic.

I didn't think the 1979 Disney film 'The Black Hole' was that bad. OK, the ending may be outdated by what we know now but then again the real thing right now is better because it's real.

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Is the soundtrack going to include 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden?

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