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BlackBerry CEO says iPhone is outdated


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Wow...talk about projection! Pot calling kettle black!

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The problem is that blackberries are ever more outdated :))

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Have either of you seen/used a: the new Blackberry. b: used the new Blackberry OS? Unlikely, as not available in Japan.

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CNN made a devastating review of Blackberry this week, they saved no bad words for BB Z10. Heins is sinking down and trying to take floating enemies with him. Poor guy.

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The donkey cart calling the car outdated, hahahaha.

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"Not all the apps in BlackBerry World are native BB10 apps. When the Z10 launched in February, BlackBerry admitted that about 40% of the 70,000 apps were ported in from the Android platform. Further, BlackBerry didn't make clear today if all 30,000 of the new apps added since early February are native BB10 apps, or if some of them are also Android ports.

The difference is important. Apps written expressly for the BB10 platform can take full advantage of BB10's user interface elements and run more efficiently. Apps ported over from the Android platform are wrapped in code that can slow them down. Android apps cannot use all of BB10's user interface elements, either. In other words, the experience isn't as good.

While it is nice for BlackBerry to have a nice round figure to brag about, it would be better for the company to come clean on the current break-down of native BB10 apps to Android ports. Being up front just might improve its chances of success."


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CNN isn't the reputable news source it once was... besides, other news outlets (tech reporters I guess) have given the Z10 good reviews, while even others won't touch it. Depends on your preference and pretty much each smartphone these days is interchangeable..

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That is funny.

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Hahahaha.... this made my day. BLACKBERRY calling Apple's iPhone 'outdated'. Classic!

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the device doesn’t allow for multitasking

What's he talking about? Multi-tasking has been possible on the iPhone for a while now.

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Does the Associated Press read the newspaper much? There is no RIM anymore; it was renamed to Blackberry back at the end of January.

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What's he talking about? Multi-tasking has been possible on the iPhone for a while now.

Not really. You can switch between apps but only one app can be running at a time still.

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You can switch between apps but only one app can be running at a time still.

Yeah, so it isn't the true multi-tasking.

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Grasping at straws...

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I wonder if Heins meant to sound so desperate?

Multitasking? What do you really want to do on a cellphone for Pete's sake? You can already listen to music and read a book. So what else might you like to do? Simultaneously read a book, play a game, watch a video, and talk to your girlfriend?


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Seems like Heins is grasping at straws. iPhone has 50% of US smartphone sales...and with strong competition from Samsung it is going to go even harder to release phones the public wants. Can't see Blackberry closing the gap.

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The iPhone is dead... Haven't you guys heard?

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The new BlackBerry could turn out to be a failure. It’s not clear that the mobile market has room for a another solidly successful operating system beyond iOS and Android. Microsoft’s Windows Phone is admirable but not yet popular.

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They're both wrong. The greatest phone ever is the Western Electric 2500. In red.

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Last ditch effort to smear the competition. This reeks of desperation. Sell now.

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LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Blackberry LOLLLLLLLLL. My friend has it. The screen lag is atrocious on the new BB. Something that Apple, Samsung and LG have all mastered. When you zoom in and out the screen sometimes let's go detection of your finger. Security is all that BB has going for it.

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Now that you mention it there WAS a blackberry phone once, haven't seen one of those in years. LOL

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I hardly think there was actual "LOL'ing" going when the above ^^ read the article.. that being said, easy to bash RIM as they used to be the leader but no doubt couldn't see past their own success. They thought no one needed a phone to surf the internet, play games, listen to music, etc.. then the iPhone came along and reminded people what could be done and now every smartphone out there can do exactly the same as the next one.

at this point its about personal choice or allegiance to a particular brand.

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