Boeing making ultra-safe smartphone


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But how does it make it 'ultra-safe' for the people who suffer collisions from those idiots who walk while concentrating on their phones?

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a smartphone geared mainly toward people working in defense and homeland security

to protect them from... themselves. Hurrah, doubles all round!

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The UltraSafeFone will only be available for Party Elites.

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Airbus will probably develop a better one later, lol

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"The Boeing Black smartphone was designed with security and modularity in mind to ensure our customers can use the same smartphone across a range of missions and configurations," it adds without specifying if the phone is already on sale.

Made of carbon fibre to help cut down on on the extra weight for all the fire safety counter measures (METAL FIREBOX). Oh, and by design so Boeing doesn't get any 'burned genital lawsuits', the phone will be 'just' too big to fit front pockets.

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the Boeing trademark is smoke coming from the battery...

actually it GS-YUASA trade mark,made in kyoto-Japan!

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Back on topic please.

Batteries? It should be OK if it's all made in the USA and not use Japan-made.

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You beat me to it! Yup real safe!! On fire from overheating batteries etc...

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I betcha it will have batteries overheating problems, lol. Haha I kid, but it's a major problem with most phones anyway, the Boeing trademark is smoke coming from the battery...

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